Norbert Caoili is one of the most versatile filmmakers in the business. He has written, directed, edited, mixed and composed music for numerous films, commercials and industrials.

One of his greatest achievements was writing and directing "Frayed", an original psycho-thriller which landed a distribution deal with Lionsgate, the most successful independent film distribution company in the United States. Caoili's multiple talents were in full effect, as he also edited, scored and mixed the film. A singer-songwriter-keyboardist, Caoili even wrote and produced several vocal songs on the movie’s soundtrack.

Caoili's commitment to excellence and delivering programs quickly and on time has made Caoili highly sought after in the production business. He recently co-edited, mixed and scored "The Long Ride Home", a documentary honoring fallen soldiers. He has produced and directed numerous programs for companies like Microsoft, Safeco, United Way and Philips. As a sound designer, Caoili mixed the tracks for the behind-the-scenes featurettes of Universal Studios' “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. As a composer, he wrote the music score for the Discovery Channel documentary, "In the Shadow of the Tiger"and the ABC Family reality series, "The Last Resort". He has also scored and mixed a slew of high energy, action-packed commercials for the Razor company.

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