Mike Lorrain is a multi-talented editor and visual effects artist with a knack for creating magic on the screen. He has edited, created motion graphics, replaced green screens and added visual effects on countless films, commercials and industrials.

He was the visual effects artist and location sound mixer for "Frayed", an original psycho-thriller which landed a distribution deal with Lionsgate, the most successful independent film distribution company in the United States. He single-handedly created over 100 visual effects shots for the film, most of which few viewers would never notice. This speaks to Lorrain’s abilities to create cinematic, realistic visuals.

Renowned for his skills with 3D animation, compositing and motion graphics, Lorrain is one of the most sought after artists in the industry. He recently co-edited, "The Long Ride Home", a documentary honoring fallen soldiers. He has created stunning visual effects for a slew of high energy, action packed commercials for the Razor company. His editing and visual effects work have enhanced multiple projects for Microsoft, Safeco,
United Way, Philips and other companies.

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Mike Lorrain
producer, editor,
visual effects artist